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 You are here: ArtMam  Plakat Gallery  realism  For national happiness
Ivanov   - For national happiness - printer ink on paper
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The constitution Stalin promulgated in 1936 guarantees the political and personal rights .Election in Russia.Transparents attempts made to suggest that the leaders of Soviet society are chosen by the people. The country does vote for the members of the Supreme Soviet, which is described as a legislature, but which in fact has only ceremonial functions. There is one candidate for each seat, chosen by the central authorities in Moscow and voting is compulsory for all. It has become a test of the vitality of Soviet democracy-at least in official eyes- to get out the vote; in each election the percentage of eligible voters casting ballots must rise. This has created a absurd situation; in the last elections 99,98 percent of the adult population allegedly voted. In a country of 250 million this is a statistical impossibility, even allowing for extensive affords to collect the votes of travellers on trains, the sick in hospital ands so forth. Posters "For national happiness".There is the propaganda poster times of elections.Elections to the USSR comrade Stalin votes for democracy. The High Stalinist Period (1946 - 1953) revealed images of utopian
Authors of this posters is Ivanov B.S.
This poster first time was printed in1950. The reprint has appeared in 2003 circulation of 500 copies on art paper(enamel-paper), high quality and rather heavy two-side coated printing paper with smooth surface.Density of paper is 90g/m2
Product profile
 Title: For national happiness
 Artist: Ivanov
 Size: 11 3/8 x 16 1/2 in (29,7 x 42 cm)
 Material: printer ink on paper
 Technique: print
 Date: 1950`s
 Price: 18.00$
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L.I.Brezhnev. His speech at the XXVI Communistic congress

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Talker is a find for the enemy

We'll turn out drinking person from working crowd

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