realism The grown-up listen to reasonable speech:the money need to keep in savings-bank add
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 You are here: ArtMam  Plakat Gallery  realism  The grown-up listen to reasonable speech:the money need to keep in savings-bank
  - The grown-up listen to reasonable speech:the money need to keep in savings-bank - printer ink on paper
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A Soviet book called Family needs and income, published in 1967, estimated that a well-balanced, nutritional diet cost 50 rubles per person per month. So family of three would spend 150 rubles just on food. In fact most people get by with less than that ideal diet, but it is a rule of thumb in Soviet households that 40-60 percent of the available money will he spent on groceries. Another 10-20 per cent is spent on rent, gas and electricity. Rents are Heavily subsidized by the state. So an average family may 50 to 100- rubles a month for clothing, transportation, medicines( partially covered by the state health system) and incidentals. A good wool overcoat cost 120 rubles; a good pair of ladies` boots,40; a flimsy nylon raincoat, 40;mans shirt, 12 to 20.A substantial purchase-a 200-ruble television set, for example-will absorb the familys spending money for several months. A typical family budget is tight. In the cities , more than 90 percent of able-bodies Russian women hold jobs; most families need two incomes to makes ends meet. A few numbers are instructive. The minimum wage, paid for lowliest manual jobs is 70 rubles a month. The average industrial workers is about 135 rubles a months beginning physician, just out of medical school, get 90 or 100 a month. The average fairly, according to published statistics, has an income of about 220 rubles each month. Most of Russians said they saved almost nothing. Russians can put money in saving bank and earn two percent on their savings.
SOCIAL PLAKAT: Portrays an older worker explaining to a young worker that money can be saved in SBERGBANK (the State savings bank), as recommended by the Party. This poster first time was printed in 50-60-th. The reprint has appeared in 2003 circulation of 500 copies on art paper(enamel-paper), high quality and rather heavy two-side coated printing paper with smooth surface.Density of paper is 90g/m2
Product profile
 Title: The grown-up listen to reasonable speech:the money need to keep in savings-bank
 Size: 11 3/8 x 16 1/2 in (29,7 x 42 cm)
 Material: printer ink on paper
 Technique: print
 Date: 1950`s
 Price: 18.00$
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Thanks favorite Stalin for the happy childhood

Do not gossip!

Saving kilowatt you give to front grenades

Let`s come to abundance

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