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 You are here: ArtMam  Plakat Gallery  politician  Escape kitchen slavery
  - Escape kitchen slavery - printer ink on paper
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Additional info

The October Revolution of 1917 brought to power a radical socialist government that denounced the family as a bourgeois institution, undermined the institution of marriage, and promised the liberation of women. Aleksandra Kollontai, the leading Bolshevik feminist, declared in 1923 that the Soviet state would "lift the burdens of motherhood from women's shoulders and transfer them to the state." She added that "the family, in its bourgeois sense, will die out." Yet by the 1930s, official Soviet culture endorsed strong families, glorified motherhood, and strove to raise the birthrate. The Soviet government also made divorce more difficult and outlawed abortion. The country that had embarked upon the great socialist experiment, reverted to a very traditional family model and an essentialized notion of women's "natural role" as mothers. Women from "kitchen slavery" went to the factories.
Now most Russian women with university degrees apparently want to work outside the home, and 60 persent of the college graduates in the country are women.In fact, 51 percent of the country's workers are women.
First time this plakat appeared in 1931. Author of that plakat is Shegal.
The reprint has appeared in 2003 circulation of 500 copies on art paper (enamel-paper),high quality and rather heavy two-side coated printing paper with smooth surface. Density of paper is 90g/m2
Product profile
 Title: Escape kitchen slavery
 Size: 11 3/8 x 16 1/2 in (29,7 x 42 cm)
 Material: printer ink on paper
 Technique: print
 Date: 1930`s
 Price: 18.00$
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L.I.Brezhnev. His speech at the XXVI Communistic congress

The grown-up listen to reasonable speech:the money need to keep in savings-bank

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